No Touch Menu

Eliminate customers touching a shared menu, by using a simple QR code on the table (in a coaster) to bring your full menu onto the customers own smartphone. Add the option of ordering direct from their phone to your kitchen considerably reducing Waiter contact. Streamlining your in house ordering process to just a few taps and get orders flying though quicker than ever before..

With its intuitive design and clean layout, it can motivating customers to add those little extras they didn’t know were available to them. No Touch Menu present additions to your customers’ orders in the most tempting way.

  • At Table
  • Customers scan a QR code at the table on a coaster, and your menu appears on their phone

  • Multi device compatible
  • There are lots of different sizes when it comes to smartphones. We adapt the menu content to ensure easy reading on all devices without users needing to pinch and zoom around an inapropriatly sizes picture

  • Add ordering
  • Add a printer, tablet, or link to the EPOS; and customers can order drinks or food and pay without the need for a waiter to stand at the table

  • Build a customer list
  • After their visit, customers are requested to leave feedback and reviews.

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No Touch ordering

Order @ Table from inside the store

QR codes on table coasters, allow customers or zap and order directly without the need to wait or talk to waiters. They can see the progress of their order and can collect from the counter, ensuring minimal if any direct contact with staff. Orders are sent to a tablet, printer or EPOS in store.

Order takeaways from outside the store

QR codes on external window menus, allow customers or zap and order directly without the need to enter the store. You can also add a link from your website for online ordering at home. Customers are informed when their order is ready for collection, ensuring minimal presence inside the store. Orders are sent to a tablet, printer or EPOS in store. No touch streamlines and automates all the order processes a growing retail or hostiality business needs:

Why struggle with numerous different systems. No Touch streamlines your restaurant's digital requirements into one easy to use system. With one platform, you can accept and manage every type of instore, phone, or online order

  • Easy Ordering
  • Order for collection directly in-store either due immediately or at a later time

  • Dine-In
  • Order directly from your table by selecting your table number or scanning the QR code

  • Expandable
  • A fully expandable system futureproofs your effort. Compatable with the full Custom Adaptive hospitaly product range covering everthing from websites and apps, through ordering and kitchen management, to stock control, reordering and accounts integration. Fitting, installation and maintenance as needed.

  • Manageable
  • Managers and owners can use a mobile app or web portal to monitor and update systems even when not at the store

No Touch Delivery - for drivers

Manage delivery drivers via a driver app. Maintain social distancing by letting drivers know when orders are ready for pickup, so no more hanging around in your store waiting.

See which orders have gone with which driver, know how much cash has been collected, when they started and stopped their shift. Track time, deliveries and mileage

Use the driver management for orders via phone, email, online, Justeat, Uber and Deliveroo. Automatically call your drivers on demand when needed or share drivers from a local driver pool keeping costs low

See Delivery Central for driver pool details

No Touch provides you with all the tools that you need for this task. You´ll can stay independent from platforms and their commission interests. Fair and transparent monthly fee applies.

  • Pickup
  • Manage driver pickup on demand. Eliminate drivers hanging around, and keep drivers informed when orders will be ready

  • Delivery
  • Know which ordera are with which drivers, use driver satnavs triggered direct from order details eliminating key entry delays while they are parked waiting to start


Package Pricing

Our basic system is free to try and use. Add on low cost packs to expand if and when you need to. Each pack is charged monthly via direct debit or annual via Credit Card unless otherwise stated. All annual plans charged at 12 months for the price of 10

    Whatyou get...

    LevelFree£Add on/monthDetails
    Menu Sections153+15 additional
    Menu Items1005+100 additional
    Section Picturesnone21 per section
    Item Picturesnone41 per item
    Ordering(1)00.10p per orderAt table ordering sent to your own device*
    Ordering(2)01/dUnlimted at table orders - comission free for £1 per day
    Online(1)00.50p per orderOnline ordering sent to your own device*
    Online(2)02/dUnlimited online orders - comission free for £2 per day
    BrandednoContactUsHave our team customise your online templates to fit your brand
    Website plugin05Add your menu inside your own website using our plugin code
    Table QR coasters02/eaLet us put QR codes onto coasters for you. Min order 10
    Driver App02/mon per driverDriver management app from Delivery Central


    Online ordering can send orders to your own android tabet. Contact us on how to sent to Printers, EPOS or full Kitchen Management systems

    All online card payments subject to 2% bank charges. Customers can use cash

    For electonic ordering, we have low charges per order but also and alternative option of unlimted orders so you can keep your costs low. Unlimited packages are paid in advance. Start on per order and switch when you get busy


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With a dashboard for sales insights, loyalty features for retention and marketing tools to acquire and retain customers, you have the power to drive your business forward.

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Next Steps

Now follow the steps below to setup and use your system

Step 1

- Login to the manager system, and create your menu.

Step 2

- Select your menu style and customise

Step 3

- Generate your QRcodes. These can be for individual table numbers, takeaway or delivery ordering, or just menu viewing. Print it out and add to a coaster or place on a table card to use at table